Band info


The Selfless Lovers are a high-energy original rock and roll band based out Austin, Texas featuring pianist, singer and saxophonist Nik Parr as the frontman and center of the show. The group's music spans a wide array of genres, drawing comparisons to inspirations such as The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis and even Sara Bareilles. Supported by guitarist Daniel Kerner, and the powerful rhythm section of drummer Danny Warner and bassist Augie Gittmner, the band's show is an exciting and unique entertainment experience. While the four-piece band's inspiration stems from vintage rock and soul, The Selfless Lovers' songs are undeniably current, and immediate.





Nik Parr

Lead vocalist, pianist, saxophonist, songwriter, and composer of The Selfless Lovers' songs. Nik Parr began playing piano at age 10 in Corpus Christi, Texas and learned from his father, Earl Parr, from which he inherited a soft spot for The Rolling Stones and Otis Redding. With The Selfless Lovers, Nik Parr hopes to share his own love for rock and soul music with a new generation. Besides playing music, Nik also creates the illustrations for The Selfless Lovers' art along with his own personal art.


Daniel Warner

Daniel joined The Selfless Lovers in March of 2016 and managed to learn 10 songs in one sitting for a last-minute show at The North Door that same night. He combines an amazing energy with a wide array of drumming influences in hip-hop, funk, hard rock and jazz. His performances showcase a unique approach to drumming that defies genres in search of the "right" sound. Daniel is also passionate about super-hero comics, owning file-boxes full of comic books at his house in Kyle, Texas. 


daniel kerner

At only 20 years old, Daniel Kerner shows the skill and creativity on guitar that may very well make him one of the best guitarists to come out of Austin in the years to come. Traveling from New Mexico to live in Austin and dive head first into the scene, Daniel plays guitar in several projects along with his work in The Selfless Lovers. He plays music non-stop, and studies jazz and blues in his free time. Daniel is basically a guitar monk. As of right now, he has no known vices. He doesn't drink, or smoke, and has never been seen without a guitar in his hands.