The Selfless Lovers are a high-octane modern rock and roll band with heavy soul, funk and blues influences. The group is fronted by band-leader and multi-instrumentalist, Nik Parr. Known for their blistering live shows and charismatic stage presence, The Selfless Lovers are a fan favorite.

With over 70 performances across Texas in 2018, and appearances at Stubb’s, Antone’s, The Continental Club, The Scoot Inn, and Mohawk in the past year, The Selfless Lovers are quickly establishing themselves as a must-see Austin act.


Nik Parr

Singer songwriter. Pianist and saxophonist. Old soul with a love for 70’s rock and roll. Highly caffeinated at all times.


Daniel Warner

Drums. Backup vocals. The sunglasses don’t come off till after the show. Merlot and comic books.


Danny “The Monk,” Kerner

Guitar. Fluent in jazz, funk, soul, rock, blues and anything in between. Digs Coltrane as much as he digs The Stones.


Augie Gmitter

Bass. Vocals. Groovy and funky. Always in the pocket. Makes being onstage look easy.